104 105 still ownsMoran’sandtherearea lotofushere.Bob (my mother’sbrother) retired in1985,hisbrotherMichael retired in2005,but is stillChairman,andhisyoungest brother,JamesBlackisnowCEOandPresident.” In the‘70s,Bob expanded the companyoutsideNew England,down to the Gulf of Mexico.When he retired in the‘80s,his brothers expanded even further,to thewest coast of the U.S.and other areas of the Gulf. Moran also has international sales offices in London, U.K.and Piraeus,Greece,as well as over 20 brick-and- mortar offices inmajor ports down the east coast fromMaine through Florida,along the Gulf Coast,and in northern and southern California.Moran handles mostlycommercial vessels,fromoil tankers to dry-bulk vessels,and cruise ships. Current CEOand President,JimBlack,states,“Our mission as ship agents is to ensure a safe,secure,and cost-effective port call for everyvessel the company represents.Sustainable approaches in commercial shipping are critical.Moran strongly supports achieving best practices in safety,security,and environmental stewardship.”Problems with invasive species and carbon emissions cause great concern in the shipping industry.Some of these issues have turned into oppor- tunities.For example,Moran is exploring a partnership with the Universityof Rhode Island in ballast water MORAN SHIPPING AGENCIES, INC. testing for invasive species.Theyalso have a safety and pollution company to increase safetyand security of fossil fuel loading and unloadingat terminals; anda maritimesecuritycompanythathelps shipownersand terminalsmeetUNstandards fromthe International MaritimeOrganization. In2000,Moranembarkedona robust initiative to becomemoreglobal.Thecompanybecame ISOcertified, andstarted investingheavilyintechnology.Kellynotes, “Wealsotookonadiversificationstrategyof investing inother areaswithinthemarinesector,intheblue tech sector.We’reaveryinnovativecompany.Inblue tech,we recentlystartedamaritimecyber securitycompanyand hiredspecialistCaptainAlexanderSoukhanovandhis teamtoprovideshipownerswithboots-on-the-ground maritimecyber assuranceexercises,includingpenetration testingtoseewherevulnerabilities lie.We’reveryexcited about it.” WhenMoranmoved itsheadquarters todowntown Providence froman industrial park,it embracedagreen building initiative.Kellysays,“Wehaveoneof onlya few historicbuildings,individually listed on theNational Register of HistoricPlaces,with Gold LEED certifica- tion.That means lowVOCs,geo-thermal heating and cooling,air filtration systems; even the furniture is more environmentally-friendly.That appealed to us Our mission as ship agents is to en- sure a safe, secure, and cost-effective port call for every vessel the company represents. Sustainable approaches in commercial shipping are critical. Moran strongly supports achieving best prac- tices in safety, security, and environ- mental stewardship. JIM BLACK PRESIDENT AND CEO