102 103 F amily-based,forward-movingMoran Ship- pingAgencies iscelebrating80yearsof steam- shipagencyexcellence,thisyear.Fromhumble beginnings inProvidence,Rhode Island in 1937,the company is nowthe largest independent steamship agency inNorthAmerica.Principals in the companycredit its success tothe long-termsupportof loyal andvaluedclients,superbvendors,anddedicated employeeswhostrive togive theirbest everyday. ExecutiveVicePresidentofMoranShippingAgencies, JasonKelly,talkspassionatelyaboutthefamilybusinessand itsexcitinggrowthvision.“I’mso proud toworkat this company.I hopemyenthusiasmcomes through… sometimes I think I don’t do it justice.” MoranShippingAgencies startedout asacustoms broker,freight forwarder,andshippingagent.Decadesof success ledtoexpansionthroughoutNewEngland.In 1970,thecompanywaspurchasedbyF.Robert Black. Kellyexplains the familydynamic,“Our brand is quali- ty,and the brandwas so good that Bob Blackkept the Moran name rather than change it.The Black family MORAN SHIPPING AGENCIES, INC. GOING BEYOND THE CALL SINCE 1937 MORAN SHIPPING AGENCIES, INC. AT A GLANCE MORAN SHIPPING AGENCIES, INC. WHAT: Largest independent steamship agency in North America, directly serving over 100 ports WHERE: Headquarters in Providence, Rhode Island and Houston, Texas WEBSITE: www.moranshipping.com