106 107 because it created a veryhealthyworkenvironment for our employees.”The building has been recognized nationally,and proves that historicpreservation and green building technologyare not mutuallyexclusive. Afewyears later,Moran built its sister headquarters in Houston to similar LEED standards–another facility that is extremelyhealthy for employees. The companyvalues its 200 full-time and 300 contract workers as a tremendous asset,and is incred- iblyprogressive in the areas of HR policies,training, and support for academic efforts.“Moran’s reputation for qualitycomes from the great workof our experi- enced and committed team,”says Black.“Our employee turnover isminimal.”The averagemanager has worked there for over 20 years; some over 40 years.Kellyhas beenwiththecompanyfor23yearsandstill feels likea “newbie”at times. Safetyisofparamount importance.MoranhasaVP based inTexas,who isaglobal thought leader insafe- tyissues,andemployeesarewell trained inthat area throughthe ISOsystem.Kellysays,“We’vegot aperfectly sizedcompany; bigenoughtocompetewiththe largest supplychainexperts intheworld,but small enoughat under500employees,witha familyrelationship-based approachthatbenefitsour clients immensely.” Onthe regulatoryfront,shipownersandothers in themarinesectorbelieve that auniformapplicationof environmental standards isbest for the industry.Black acknowledges,“We,alongwithother industryleaders, supportglobal standards incommercial shipping.Im- portant environmental standardswill onlyworkif applied evenly,creatinga level playingfield.Patchworkregulation hindersadvancement.” Thecompany’sdocumentedproceduresandwork instructionsonvessel husbandry,vesselmovements,and shipagencyareunequalled inthe industry.Kellyreports, “We’veprovideda tremendousamountof training inthat regard.Wecost a littlemore thanour competitors,but it’s necessarywiththeamountof effortweput intoquality, ITservices,training–ifyou lookat thecorebusinessof agency,this iswhatdifferentiatesus.The factyoucanpick upthephoneandcall theownerof thecompanyat2AM MORAN SHIPPING AGENCIES, INC. Committed to Excellence; Equipped for Challenge Six years ago, anticipating the arrival of today’s ultra large, deep-draft ships, Moran ex- panded a new building program. We built 13 escort-rated tractor tugs, incorporating state-of-the- art technology and exceptionally high horsepower. These new tugs can now be seen assisting some of today’s largest ships in some of America’s lead- ing East & Gulf Coast ports. Together with our existing fleet, they comprise America’s largest fleet of shipdocking tractor tugs. It all stems from our dedication to excellence in customer service, and from our commitment to the safety of marine personnel and the environment. To learn more about what Moran can do for your business, today or tomorrow, visit us at www.morantug.com. Pictured: the 6,000-hp JRT Moran and 6,000-hp James D. Moran isanother thingthat’sunusual.” Moran’s services transcendthe traditional scopeof ship- pingagencies.Kellysays,“Mostof our competitors–large or small–havebeenunable todothis.Weprovidecompli- anceservicesandUNmaritimesecurity,cyber security,and safetyandpollutionconsultingfor terminals.Whenships come toport,weare like thegeneral contractorof theport call.Wecoordinate theCoastGuard,CustomsandBorder Protection,thepilots,the tugs,the lines,andamultiplicity of othervendorswehireonbehalf of theshipowner.Our award-winningvendorprocurementprogramensuresour clientsaregettingthehighest standards.” When it comes to long-termpartnerships,Blacksays, “Strongrelationshipswithour clientsandvendorsare basedonyearsof trust.”As shipagents,theypartnerwith terminal operators,pilots’associations throughout the States,andmajor tugcompanies,includingFossMaritime, Suderman&Young,andMcAllisterTowing.Theseareall extremelyimportantvendors.Thegovernment isalsoa vendor,sorelationshipswiththeU.S.CoastGuard,Customs andBorderProtection,andAgriculturearekey. Thecurrent trajectoryof thecompanydoesnot include global expansion.Kellyexplains,“We feelwecan’t ensure thequalitywe’reknownfor incountrieswherewedon’t havea local presence.Inthe2020s,we’d like tostill be the largest shipagent inNorthAmerica,andhave thenew businesseswe’reworkingon–maritimecyber,ballast water,safetyandpollution–andbe far enoughalongtobe considered leaders inthosesegments,aswell. Inaddition,MoranShippingAgencieswantsblue tech innovators to know: “We’re looking for partners with a synergybetweenwhat wedoandwhat theydo.Ocean clusters,theblue techeconomy,holdsomeof themost promise incommercializationandeconomicdevelopment. Ourviewofdiversificationandour abilityto leverageour brandandpartnershipscouldbestrategicallyimportant to other companies.We’d like tomake thoseconnections.” PREFERRED VENDOR n Moran Towing Corporation www.morantug.com