AMTEL LLC in their 24 stores comprising 80 percent of the core business. This was a significant feat,considering that themulti-carrier sector hadmore than 100 locations spread across Chicago. In 2005,T-Mobile realized that it had tomeet in- creasing consumer demands for amore professional retail experience and reached out to some of the best wireless operations in the business.George and Ehab were among the fewto be offered an opportunity to open ExclusiveT-Mobile retail locations in a program designed to deliver precisely the same experience customers could find in its corporate stores-the same fixtures,products,services,and atmosphere.The programmarked the beginning of the pair’s exclusive relationshipwithT-Mobile. “Eddie ended up staying in Chicago; I ended up in Michigan in the Detroit area,”Tadros recounts.“And we started opening ExclusiveT-Mobile stores.That’s aT-Mobile sign on top,and an Exclusive Dealer sign underneath; it was 70 percent T-Mobile and 30 per- cent dealer.” This opportunityalso provided the two entrepre- neurs to take their business to the next level.Asmarket developers over the next three years,Sweis andTadros EHAB“EDDIE”SWEIS GEORGE TADROS owned rights to a portion of their parent company’s 110 location portfolio.“Between 2005 and 2009, partneringwith another companyheadquartered in Michigan,we opened up about 125 Exclusive stores for T-Mobile,”saysTadros. During the same time,theyplayed a crucial role in assistingT-Mobile in launching a newprogram,T-Mo- bile PremiumRetail Partner (TPR).This programwas initiallydesigned tomanageT-Mobile’s corporate retail markets.Under their leadership,the previouslycorpo- rate-owned retail locations doubled their sales in the first month,while increasing customer satisfaction. In 2009,the partners decided to sell their stakes in the Detroit and Chicagomarkets,with the desire to workdirectlywithT-Mobile US.“We started looking around the country for areas of opportunity,”Tadros explains.“T-Mobile had us looking at LosAngeles, Atlanta,but all roads tookus back to the Dallasmarket. Wemoved our families down toDallas inNovember of ‘09,and in the first 30 days down here,we opened up six locations.That’s whereAmtel started.We had our contract directlywithT-Mobile and,at that time,the programwas calledT-Mobile Limited,andwe opened our first store in Ft.Worth.That wasT-Mobile’s 300th store in the Limited program.” Over the next fewyears,Amtel rapidlyexpanded and opened a total of three locations in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.Simultaneously,the companyexpanded its footprint as a NationAccount in San Francisco,Sac- ramento,Cincinnati,Louisville,Houston,SanAntonio Boston andmost recently,NewYork.With an ambition to become the number oneTPR for T-Mobile,George Tadros and Sweis greworganicallyand also acquired several businesses along theway.While doing so,Am-