tel continued to operate as aT-Mobile PremiumRetail- er.Today,Amtel has about 800 employees nationwide, and is one of T-Mobile’s largest TPR partners,operating over 150 locations nationwide. “For us,it’s not quantity; it’s quality,”Tadros stresses. “Alot of partners who are newto the business will try to get in theTPR programand open up a location that theydon’t knowmuch about,and theydon’t succeed. Or theydon’t want to invest in their infrastructure.Or theydon’t have a big backend–theydon’t have a training department,a customer relations department, or human resources.We have an extensive,back-end infrastructure; what we have todaycan support 250 to 300 stores.”In addition,a focus on training their team members howto deliver best in class customer service is what Tadros believes is a differentiator between Amtel stores versus that of their competitors. Looking towards the future,Tadros reports that T-Mobile recentlyparticipated in a government spec- trumauction.T-Mobile’s purchase of more bandwidth allowsAmtel to explore potential markets in less pop- ulated areas of the country-areas inwhichT-Mobile couldn’t reach customers.“That spectrumnowgives us the opportunity to go into rural areas and provide cus- tomers with coverage that only regional carriers had, or Verizon andATTowned,for the last 15 years.Wewill reach areas that need to be served,giving customers in those areasmore options.AndT-Mobile is lighting up their networkall over the country.” In addition to being a successful business,Amtel is a good corporate citizen.For the last several years,Tadros and Sweis have donated over half amillion dollars to St.Jude Children’s ResearchHospital.“We’ve also been the event sponsor for ‘EveningUnder the Stars’ held inDallas for the past four years,”Tadros adds. The private partybenefitting the hospital offers cocktails,dinner,a live and silent auction,and en- tertainment.“We donate $100,000 to do that.We call it ‘Pay It Forward’.We’re trying to do something more than just beingwireless retail people.” ButAmtel,LLChas always beenmore than“just” wireless retail people; in fact,theyhave always been the best in the business. AMTEL LLC PREFERRED VENDOR n Burlingame Musich 1, LLC We are a proud supporter of Amtel, LLC and congratulate them on their recognition! We also wish them success in all of their future endeavors. Burlingame Musich 1 650-222-8652