AMTEL LLC AMTEL, LLC A T-MOBILE PREMIUM RETAILER G eorgeTadros and Ehab“Eddie”Sweis,co-owners of Amtel,one of the fastest growingT-Mobile Premium Retailers in the country,headquartered in Grapevine, Texas,have been in thewireless business since 2001. It all began in Chicago in 2001,where Ehab Sweis launched multiple stores fueled byonlya 50 percent stake per location.In 2003,longtime friend GeorgeTadros and Ehab Sweis combined forces to set out on a journey to discover opportunities in the wireless business as owner-operators of multi-carrier (providing services of multiplewireless carriers) retail locations.During the first four years,Ehab and George,in partnershipwith a local industrygiant,opened a combined 24wireless retail stores throughout metropolitan Chicago. During this venture experience,the two entrepreneurs gained a keen understanding of real estate,retail,and overall opera- tions of the business.Their knowledge and experience resulted AT A GLANCE: AMTEL, LLC WHAT: A T-Mobile premium retailer WHERE: Grapevine, Texas WEBSITE: