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support from its small communities and its people is
generally more enthusiastic. “I don’t think you’d get
that in Edmonton or Calgary - your big city regions,”
he says. Pratt cites that classes from the local schools
visit the senior lodges during the week and over the
Christmas and Easter holidays, and that the local oil
company provides a steak dinner to the lodge resi-
dents, twice a year.
Over the past several years, HRH has made some sig-
nificant upgrades and renovations to some of the ex-
isting facilities it manages, while also creating some
new housing options for the communities it serves.
All three of the senior lodges, which were built around
the same time, have had additions in the last ten to
fifteen years, with two million dollars being spent on
room additions at both Pleasantview and Red Willow.
About five years ago, HRH completed a project in Fox
Creek - a ten unit, senior, self-contained building that
now complements the agency’s three duplexes and six
houses in the same city.
per, and gifts to the residents of Red Willow
Manor, for six years.
The RCMP, school children & VV Legion have put a Remembrance Day
Service on at Red Willow Lodge for twenty two years.
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