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is often good for another. In 1995, nine agencies were
consolidated together into one regional group.”
According to Pratt, consolidation provided several tan-
gible benefits, not the least of which was the ability to
hire more qualified staff for its family housing units,
its self-contained senior apartments, and its three se-
nior’s lodges – Pleasantview in High Prairie, Red Wil-
low Lodge in Valleyview, and Villa Beausejour in Falher.
“We can do a much better job and we can also point
some of our time and effort into helping grow our orga-
nization rather than just trying to survive.”
Today, Heart River Housing provides subsidized social
housing for over 900 individuals – seniors, as well
as moderate income individuals and their families -
throughout the 11-city region. It assists its constituents
in a variety of ways, including: help with transitional
housing, help with affordable housing, private landlord
rent supplement, and direct rent subsidies. HRH also
offers a variety of housing choices to the individuals
it serves. The agency owns or operates 470 units and
provides rental assistance through a provincial supple-
ment program in another 135 privately-owned units.
Heart River Housing is funded by it participant com-
munities and governed by a Board of Directors who are
appointed by the member municipalities. The Housing
Board is responsible for the oversight of all of the orga-
Heart River Housing
Heart River Housing provides a variety of
housing types that are accessible to low or moder-
ate income households.
High Prairie, Alberta, Canada
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