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nization’s activities, consistent with the Alberta Hous-
ing Act and all other relevant regulations.
Pratt is effusive in his praise for the Board’s ability to
serve the sometimes disparate needs of HRH’s com-
munities: “We actually serve 11 municipalities, which
may be unheard of anywhere else - that many munici-
palities working together for a common goal since ev-
ery community has its own issues and interests and
that has to be balanced by the Heart River Housing
Board. But we have a really proactive Board that will
do anything in its power - as long as it makes economic
sense – to help our seniors and our housing people.”
Being in the middle of a fairly under populated part of
the country has its drawbacks, as well as its advan-
tages, according to Pratt. The distance between one
end of HRH’s portfolio and the other “is about a 3 ½
hour drive,” which means HRH lacks some of synergy
that can be taken advantage of in larger cities whose
facilities are, more often, closer together. However, the
Cooks for Devon Steak & Bake, Devon Energy donated a steak BBQ for 140 people.
Red Willow Lodge sold tickets, and had the profit from 75 tickets
Keyera Energy has donated a Christmas Su
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