114 115 LONG LASTING Tadiran batteries are proven to last 40 years CUSTOM BUILT EVS is an approved value adder for Tadiran DISTRIBUTION EVS is one of the largest distributors of Tadiran 800-776-5267 When quality and performance count, come to a leading distributor of Tadiran Batteries in North America. one of our clients has a problem, it becomes our problem and we become part of their staff for the duration of that project.” One of the problems solved by the company was recently recognized by the oil and gas indus- try, when Stress Engineering Services’ Realtime Fatigue Monitoring System (RFMS) was named a finalist in the Oil & Gas Engineering 1st Annual Product of the Year Competition. The RFMS pro- vides field measurements of stress and fatigue on drilling risers, wellheads, and other subsea systems in near real time. It significantly improves riser integrity management by using measured data and advanced algorithms at strategic loca- tions to reconstruct stress and fatigue damage along the entire riser. “We were contacted by one of the oil and gas majors,” says Company Principal, Kenneth Bhalla. “Their concern was safety and ensuring that the fatigue loads on their wellhead–which is the last barrier to the environment–were within design limits and that, under any and all circumstances, there would be no release of hydrocarbons into the environment. So from a green point of view, from a safety point of view, this is what the real-time, fatigue monitoring system performs.” That’s just one example of the type of solu- tions that Stress Engineering Services has been providing its clients since 1972. From upstream oil and gas, to downstream chemical and refineries, STRESS ENGINEERING SERVICES PREFERRED VENDOR n Tadiran consumer products to packaging,materials to testing,medical devices to pharmaceutical, pipelines to power, and measurements to fo- rensics, it’s a company that has the experience, the knowledge, and the tools to take on the toughest technical challenges and deliver the right answers.