116 117 AT A GLANCE UNITED PIPING INC. WHAT: A pipeline general contracting company WHERE: Duluth, Minnesota WEBSITE: UNITED PIPING INC. WHERE THE ACTION IS U nited Piping Inc. (UPI) is a pipeline general contracting company that provides new and existing facility construc- tion, pipeline fabrication, and other specialized services to the oil and gas pipeline industry.“The company was started by Bob Schoneberger and Dave Rickard in 1997,” says UPI Presi- dent,Mel Olsen.“It started as a union welding and fabrication shop.They made their name on some of the more challenging,more complex fabrication fit-ups, going out in the field and laying out fabrication to fit existing layouts. Eventually, they grew that business into being a general contractor, focused on the oil and gas pipeline industry, but also taking on ever-increasing project scopes to include electrical sub-con- tractors, structural sub-contractors– everything that goes into oil and gas facility work.We don’t make the pipe; we weld pipe and fittings together to create fit-ups to pumps and compres- sors, and we provide facility piping