Business View Magazine Feb 2023

84 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 2 PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n Fit to Pass delivered by Espyr Keep your drivers and business with moving with Fit to Pass®.With over 25 years of experience, ourEspyr and Fit to Pass team solves driver retention and recruitment challenges by eliciting change when change is hard so that drivers stay on the road longer and your business save costs. Visit to learn more. company can watch speed, RPMs of the engine, when the engine is turned off, and more. Moving into 2023, the company wants to look at growing its assets. While there isn’t a consistent equipment supply, Gulf Relay believes this is the perfect time to acquire and hire new staff. The market never aligns with what you need precisely. The number of trucks and drivers is never on an equal footing. For this reason, the company is looking at growing 10% during 2023 as the availability of drivers is higher than the equipment supply. These new drivers also vary in quality, so training is essential, which takes time. Another focus for Gulf Relay is to continue looking at different network lanes. The company currently has about five primary network freight lanes and is actively looking to secure two more. This will hopefully become profitable soon. o was taken during her video uTube channel: <https:// MJAm4jS0WM> Mechanics in Huron-site auto shop replacing parts to keep our fleet as full as possible. Also, the company is going to grow its owner- operator fleet in 2023. By expanding this business element, the company will assist operators in creating a more predictable revenue stream. But with so much potential for growth in the industry, Gulf Relay is poised to accomplish big things down the road by keeping its radar on safety and utilizing its skilled drivers to navigate its business path.