Business View Magazine Feb 2023

83 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 2 GULF RELAY “It’s essential to cultivate a welcoming environment for women to become drivers. Most individuals don’t just wake up and stroll into a new profession. They need to feel accepted and feel like they can grow within the role. It’s one of the primary reasons we started the Family Plan Training Course. After the female driver has 500 hours of driving experience, they can start to drive confidently on their own,” says Vanzant. And because the system works so well, the recruitment department at the company is always on the lookout for female driver applications. As with any industry, companies must also establish strong relationships with other businesses. With Gulf Relay, the most important vendors are tractor and trailer manufacturers. Without the proper equipment, nothing can be accomplished. Another vendor is the company that offers the sophisticated software Gulf Relay utilizes, An aerial shot of our yard and on-site auto shop in Clinton, MS. Omnitracs. This software allows for satellite technology integration and communication with drivers, which means that no matter where they or management are, there’s a constant line of communication. The company also utilizes a customer relationship management (CRM) software package called McLeod’s, and for proper tracking, Gulf Relay uses SkyBitz. SkyBitz informs the teams at the office where the truck’s trailers are, how long they have been standing for, and when they’re moving. “The logistics industry operated for 85 years without communicating with the drivers or tracking them. But now it’s impossible to think about how our company would operate without tracking,” says Vanzant. While tracking software isn’t new in the industry, the features that it monitors are increasing and improving annually. Where before, only location was tracked, now the Driver, Mary Lindsey. The photo testimonial, featured on our You