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that serve South Carolina - CSX and Norfolk Southern.
“We’re in the middle of the permitting process for the
facility and nearing 60 percent completion of the de-
sign for the facility,” says McWhorter. “We’ve filed our
application with the FRA (Federal Railroad Administra-
tion) for a federal railroad rehabilitation infrastructure
funding loan, so things are progressing.”
In addition, Volvo Cars is planning to invest a half bil-
lion dollars to build a new automobile production facil-
ity in upper Berkeley County, and Palmetto Railways
will be on hand to provide rail service. McWhorter ex-
plains: “One of the requirements is for them to have a
rail connection, so being a Division of the Department
of Commerce, we’re very involved in that, in trying
work through how that connection ultimately happens,
and we’ll likely play a role in providing rail switching
operations to them. We’ll be working with Volvo, and
the Department of Commerce, and with the Class 1
railroads to achieve that.”
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