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ton (PUCC), and the Port Terminal
Railroad (PTR), but there was a lot
of misunderstanding about who
we were and what we did.
“We were thought of as the port
railroad, as a regulatory agency,
as a passenger railroad, and in
our filings with the STB (The U.S.
Dept. of Transportation’s Surface
Transportation Board) each one
of those properties, individually,
did not recognize the fact that we
were actually operating under the
umbrella of the South Carolina
Public Railways Commission. So
there was some vagueness and
ambiguity. In order to clean all
that up, and to be identified as
an actual freight railroad operat-
ing company - and not to distance
ourselves too much from being a
state entity - we came up with the
name, ‘Palmetto Railways,’ and we
incorporated all of our operations
under the umbrella of Palmetto
Railways, and operate them, now,
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