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Pedersen knew then that they had created lightning in
a bottle. “We ultimately liquidated all the products in
the stores – all the sunglasses, and jewelry, and purs-
es – and started creating products that people want-
ed – bed sheets, bath towels, fitness gear, socks and
underwear – made from highly sustainable bamboo.
And, it just took off. Sales went up seven times, eight
times over where they were when we first started. We
went from three stores to 55 stores in 14 countries.
We’ve grown at a 70 percent compound annual growth
rate over the last seven years.”
Pedersen is fanatical about the advantages of bam-
boo and has seen firsthand that his customers, once
acquainted with his company’s bamboo products,
tend to “join the bamboo nation,” as well. “Bamboo, as
a fabric, has been around for a number of years,” he
says, “but nobody has been able to put a picture frame
Aspen Press and Packaging jumps into every packaging project by first listening to what the customer needs. Mockups are
constructed and tested for strength and appropriateness of application. By doing this we can take the most complex concept and
make it into a truly amazing solution. What the customer gets is a product that’s efficient, economical and absolutely beautiful.
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