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veloped called Spectrachrome. Ultimately, we put it
in clothing, nail polish, sunglasses, hair accessories
and other items. We worked heavily with all the major
cruise lines – Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Celebrity, Dis-
ney, and Norwegian – to build our business and, while
doing so, we were averaging about $40 per transac-
Although the Del Sol Company was a profitable enter-
prise, Pedersen kept thinking about a way to increase
the amount that an individual tourist might spend in
his stores. “There’s got to be a scenario where Middle
America could go into a store and buy products that
were around $200 or $250,” he remembers wonder-
ing. “And, we felt that we really knew and understood
that space of ‘take your vacation home with you.’ So,
we created a business called Cariloha, where the
‘Style of the Caribbean meets the Spirit of Aloha.’ It’s
a business that we had wanted to create for a number
of years.”
“We opened three stores: in Cozumel, Mexico, in St.
Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and in Ocho Rios,
Jamaica,” Pedersen continues. “We bought all this
product that we thought customers would love and
branded it: Cariloha. I knew all the locations, and land-
lords, and all the marketing relationships on board the
Cariloha Bamboo
A chain of retail stores selling bamboo-
based fabric products
Headquarters in Sandy, Utah
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