CUSTOMER VALUE PARTNERS proaches everything froma business problempoint of view.“At its core, every one of our clients has a problem that they need a solution for,”he avers. “So,we look at what the problem is, and many times,we see that a tech project is really a peo- ple project.We focus on the people, the internal operations, and what that outcome might be, and how it ultimately will affect the public if it’s a gov- ernment client or a commercial healthcare client. So, technology plays a role. It’s key, but it’s not the only part of the solution.” Going forward,Vazquez says that the company hopes to build on its recent successes.“The last fewyears have been very good for us,”he relates. “We’ve had great growth.This past year,we’ve hired about 160 staff members and we’re looking to continue that.We’re in the right sectors–the country is focused on healthcare and national se- curity.They’re two of the sectors that will continue to grow the most over the next five years,sowe’re certainly in the right markets. “We viewthat therewill be this critical juncture, with older technology that does have to be retired, and our services around ITmodernization and cloud come very strongly into that.We’re expecting that five years fromnow,we’ll be a half-billion-dollar company that provides services to both government and commercial clients.So,we’re looking to grow as a professional services firmand partner with our customers.” PREFERRED VENDOR n Subject 7 Subject7 is a scalable, Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud-based, test automation platform designed to author, maintain, and run test cases for software applications. As the company of choice for federal and commercial clients, its suite of tools offers valuable resources for more stra- tegic activities, while increasing resource productivity and operational efficiencies.