focus on evaluating newtechnologies and identifying the keybusiness areas where theyapply.And thenwe go out and build prototypes and services around that. So,many times,whenwemeet with our customers, we’re not onlyable to talk to themabout what new technologycan do,but we’re also able to showthem what that newtechnologycan do.That helps the cus- tomer conceptualizewhere theycan incorporate this newtechnology.For example,federal customers are beginning to see that there’s a cost driver that needs to be addressed,so a lot of our work is about cloud migrations and ITmodernization because that helps drive down costs.” CVP is also responding to the growing need for cybersecurity.“Our customers are veryconcerned about their securityposture and howtheymanage their se- curitycapabilities.So,we’ve been growing our security services to help thembuild secure systems as well as secure networks and environments.” Another area of concentration is healthcare analytics. “Because of the changing demographics in the coun- try; because of the costs of healthcare and being able tomanage that; because healthcare can often have fraud,waste,and abuse; we’ve been putting together n Increases the affordability of automation projects by empowering lower cost resources n Increases team productivity by dramatically reducing the time required for writing complex automated tests n Improves software quality by enabling organizations to test more software functionality, more frequently n Provides system integrators more flexibility with their software proposals as part of DevOps Phone: (240) 899-7678 Fax: (240) 345-1080 SOME OF SUBJECT7 CLIENTS ARE: Subject7 is a no-code software automation and load testing platform that: Subject7 suite allows organizations to author and perform parallel test execution in one platform, removing the need for using multiple solutions or vendors. It enables automated functional, API, load testing, and manual testing for web and native mobile applications all in one comprehensive and scalable solution. n Administration for Children & Families ( ) n National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute ( n CVP ( ) n Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ( n Electronic Research Administration ( n Leidos ( ) CUSTOMER VALUE PARTNERS services that deal with identifying the optimal health- care capabilities andmechanisms,as well as the best qualityof care that you can find out there.” Vazquezbelieves that CVPstays ahead of the com- petition bycontinually investing in emerging tech- nologies and solutions.“We invest, not just in where we’re at today, but where technology is going in the future,”he states.“We’re investing in robotic pro- cessing automation because it’s a very nascent area, but one that we expect will continue to grow.And because we make these investments in technology that is new now, but will probably be mainstream within a year or two, that helps differentiate us from our competitors.” He also maintains that CVP’s culture of diversity, as well as its core values of client focus, individual responsibility, integrity, and respect, help distinguish the company from the competition.“That’s been very important for us,”he says.“It allows us to attract a very diverse and talented pool.” “I’ve never seen a culture quite like CVP’s,” adds Mark Feldman,Director of Marketing and Commu- nications.“There are some companies that claim to embrace a culture by hanging up a plaque, some- where, or perhaps a poster in the lunchroom. But what CVP does is embrace it every step of the way. That includes howwe recruit people, so we know if they will fit the culture from day one, and making sure to help develop them throughout their career at CVP.” It’s no wonder, then, that last year,the compa- nywas cited by theWashington Post as one of the best places towork in the D.C.area. Feldman also says that,unlike some of the competi- tion,which he characterizes as“tech shops,”CVPap-