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certification program; they want trained technicians;
and they want it done fast. So, we’ve put our stake in
the ground and we back it up. If you come in, we make
a commitment to you. And if we don’t fulfill our obliga-
tion, we give you back a buck for every minute we’re
over.” Yarusso adds that the company beta-tested the
concept over the course of two years. “We had hun-
dreds of exit interviews with customers, so we know
what we’re doing,” he maintains. “No one else is do-
ing it; we’re the first to market with it. We believe in it
wholeheartedly – it’s the way we go about our busi-
And so, this past year, this suc-
cessful car care company has
once again proved that con-
stantly growing, constantly in-
novating, and constantly deter-
mined to meet its customers’
needs is, indeed, the Grease
Monkey way. Or in other words:
“Less hassle, more hustle!”
– Chevron is pleased
to present a complete line of
quality brands, products, programs, and local servic-
es in a National Account Program created expressly
for Grease Monkey franchisees. Call Larry Russell at
206.890.1438 to inquire about all the benefits, in-
cluding nationally negotiated pricing across our PCMO,
HDMO, and fuel additive brand line. –
Service Champ
S&E Lube
Factory Motor Parts
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