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and customer care.
Lori Schneider is Grease Monkey’s Franchise Develop-
ment Specialist. She talks about Grease Monkey’s new
Pit Crew Guarantee®: “We’re taking the certified pit
crew up one more level,” she explains. “Our promise to
our customer is once your vehicle rolls into the bay, we
will have it serviced in a specified amount of time that
is determined by the franchisee – normally anywhere
between 15 and 20 minutes. We have a clock on a
big-screen TV in the lobby and bay areas and it starts
counting down once the vehicle is in the bay and until
it is rolled out. And if we go over that promised, speci-
fied period of time, we will refund a dollar for each min-
ute that we’re over. So the customer actually becomes
part of the service and it keeps the employees involved
and on top of things. We’ve had a lot of great response
and seen a lot of online reviews with people saying
that they like this, it’s interesting, it’s something differ-
ent. Sometimes the customer is even rooting against
us so they can get that two or three dollar discount,”
she adds with a laugh.
Yarusso says they’re working to get the program into
every single unit. “We’re at 70 percent,” he reports.
“Our goal is to be at 90 percent by June 30th, 95 per-
cent by September 30th, and 100 percent of our sys-
tem will be compliant with the Pit Crew Guarantee® by
December 31st.”
Why is Grease Monkey the only car care company to
have instituted this type of guarantee? “The bottom
line is that we respect the customer’s time,” says Ya-
russo. “And we know three things that the customer
wants because we surveyed over 9,000 of them. They
want it done right – which is why we came up with our
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