NAEMSE: Inspiring and Promoting Excellence in EMS Education

written by Business View Magazine October 12, 2014

NAEMSE is dedicated to advancing pre-hospital emergency medicine.

The National Association of EMS Educators is a professional association of more than 3,000 educators, instructors, teachers, training officers, directors and advisors for emergency medical services training institutions, organizations and volunteer EMS services from the public and private sectors.

NAEMSE was founded by Dr. Walt Stoy, who was affiliated with the Center for Emergency Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. NAEMSE has since provided opportunities for EMS educators to share insight and information on EMS education at all levels, while adhering to a mission to meet a wide range of needs required by those providing instruction to pre-hospital EMS personnel.

NAEMSE activities include an annual education and research symposium that provides continuing education for EMS educators from around the world. It has also developed two national instructor courses that provide in-depth facilitation of the foundations of education. The courses have successfully trained more than 6,000 EMS educators and been adopted in 40 states, and Canada. NAEMSE also provides training for U.S. combat medics through curriculum conducted at Fort Sam Houston in Texas.

Additionally, it collaborates with the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions to provide accreditation workshops to EMS program directors as they prepare applications which lead to accreditation. The association’s has worked with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Office of EMS on a range of projects which include, national EMS education standards, national guidelines for EMS education, the State of EMS Education Research project, rollout of the national standard curricula and development of the revised EMS instructor curricula.

The association has proven effective in developing and maintaining partnerships with federal, state and local EMS agencies to promote
understanding of the EMS system. It has also worked with NHTSA to provide a nationwide forum for assistance in the implementation of various curricula through EMS instructor rollout workshops and national standard curricula guidelines for training of paramedics and EMT-intermediates. These projects have provided national guidelines for meeting the educational needs of EMS personnel striving to deliver efficient and effective patient care in emergency medical situations.

All activities are designed to not only enhance learning for the next generation of EMS professionals, but also advance the future of EMS and EMS education. The membership includes Instructors of CPR, first aid trainers, field training officers and state EMS directors and coordinators, as well as representatives from the fire and military side of EMS. The association provides support of members through a variety of educational programs it’s designed and developed, which enable participants to earn continuing education units necessary for yearly certification.

Association members receive IDs and passwords that allow access to the Members Only area of the NAEMSE website, which includes the Trading Post, an archive of 3,000 PowerPoint presentations, lectures, images and sound bites members can use at no additional cost. The portal allows members to access case-based studies, webinar lectures with downloadable PowerPoints and audio, educational technology video tutorials and skill competency assessments.

Going forward, NAEMSE is developing educational programs that enhance the classroom via technology. The association is also developing training support for community-based paramedicine. The majority of EMS educators start out as EMS professionals for hospitals, communities, counties or fire services. According to a recent membership survey, the typical NAEMSE member serves as an educator and remains a provider in the system serving a community throughout their career.

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