82 83 InSite Sales Agency Ltd provides professional consulting, sales and marketing services to manufacturers interested in growing their business with Costco Wholesale. Contact: Steve Rudd , InSite Sales Agency Ltd. 778.994.5404 • For the SOLUTION INOX team, the greatest accomplishment is to build innovative custom-made equipments for our clients, offering you a turnkey service. We have the expertise and knowledge to undertake all types of stainless steel projects. We are proud of our partnership with NATURE’S TOUCH! 1104 Raoul-Charette St, Joliette (Québec) J6E 8S6, Canada T: 450.752.INOX (4669) F: 450.752.5330 CONTAINERS & INTERMODAL DRY VANS REFRIGERATED VANS FLAT BEDS & HEAVY HAULS Your North American Transportation Provider Every Load’s Success Is Important To Us 1-888-884-6225 PREFERRED VENDORS n Cloverdale Cold Storage Ltd. Cloverdale Cold Storage Ltd. is British Columbia’s fastest growing public cold storage company, with three cold stor- age facilities with the capacity to store more than 40,000 pallet positions of frozen food. Cloverdale Cold Storage Ltd. offers the coldest temperatures in the industry: -28° Celsius storage temperatures. So whether it’s seafood, meat, poultry, frozen fruits and vegetables, or retail packaged foods, the company can provide a frozen handling and storage solution. n Equipement de Sécurité Universel Equipement de Sécurité Universel Inc. has been a leader in custom-made uniforms, personal protection products, and related product for over 20 years. Built on fast, personalized service, the company caters to all types of users: governmen- tal, institutional, public, private, and the individual worker. n Flexipak Industries Inc. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Flexipak Industries Inc. is a second-generation, family-owned company that operates a 40,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. It is a full-ser- vice, vertically-integrated, industry-leading flexible packaging firm that delivers high-quality, state-of-the-art, flexible pack- aging solutions for a variety of industries and organizations across North America. n Kruger Inc. Kruger Packaging is a North American manufacturer of 100% recycled containerboard and specialty paperboard products, and a supplier of high quality corrugated packaging products. Focused on personalized customer service, cost-effi- ciency and sustainability, we take pride in offering innovative products that are delivered on time and fit our customers’ budgets. Using the most modern technology in the world, Kruger Packaging developed their new XTR linerboard that delivers exceptional high strength-to-basis-weight ratios, enabling corrugated box producers to boost bottom lines and exceed expectations. n Ameri-Can Logistics Ltd. n Cascades Containerboard Packaging n Emmerson Packaging n Solution Inox n InSite Sales Agency NATURE’S TOUCH FROZEN FOODS bles.As an industry,we have a tremendous responsi- bility inmaking sure that we improve the food safety profile as consumers are eatingmore andmore of it.” As Canada’s pre-eminent supplier of frozen fruit, Tentomas sums up the ethos at Nature’sTouch: “There’s a passion here and a culture here that’s concerned with howa consumer uses our products; making sure it’s safe,and promoting good eating through eating natural foods.That value system translates across the organization and if we can lookat that as a legacyof our company,I would be extremelyproud that our humble beginnings had an impact on people’s lives.” “It’s important for customers to knowthat we go above and beyond,”adds Panagopoulos.“Wewant to make sure that the best product is available to the consumer.Andwe take pride in that.”