68 69 NATURE’S TOUCH FROZEN FOODS F R O Z E N F O O D S N ature’sTouch Frozen Foods,Canada’s premier provider of frozen fruit products, was founded in 2004,by JohnTentomas.“I started the company in the basement of myhome,”he recounts,“but I was verywell versed in sourcing frozen fruit,globally,because I was working as a commodities trader and I had a boss who taught me verywell howto source frozen fruit in a safeway,looking at qualityand consistency.I had the pleasure of workingwith one of the largest yogurt companies in theworld and by then,also, the largest consumer of frozen fruits.Theyneeded help fromour trading company to source frozen fruit all over theworld.” “So I travelled the globewith their people to visit farms,lookat processes in freezing plants,check fruit varieties and fruit specifications,and this gave me a tremendous experience in assessing quality and fruit safety,”Tentomas continues.“I wanted to take that knowledge and translate it to a consumer product.And so,I started the business with one Canadian customer,and I rented the proper room to pack the products in accordancewithHACCP THE FINEST FROZEN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES