34 35 go ahead and do business.” Izquierdo explains the five divisions, or practic- es, of his company: “We have Portals and Collabo- ration, where we focus on building collaboration communication solutions for our clients, wheth- er it is an intranet, an extranet, or a workflow solution that allows employees to work better, together.When you look at our typical clientele in that practice, it’s usually a fairly large organi- zation– anywhere between 1,000 to 20,000 or more employees who require a portal in order to be able to communicate and message better. “We also have an Enterprise Mobility practice. Our focus there is on building mobile applica- tions that run on mobile devices and tablets in some of the larger organizations in North Amer- ica that push business processes and collection of data right into the field. So, if you’re a worker, working on a truck, you might deliver, for exam- ple, your work schedule to a tablet: ‘Here’s where DEVFACTO TECHNOLOGIES you need to go first, then go to these other lo- cations,’ and so on.We automate all that. It used to be either paper driven or telephone driven. So this allows us to optimize all those business processes. “We also have Software Design and Delivery. This is a practice that integrates systems in an organization. It targets medium- to large-size organizations where they have a lot of disparate systems that run their enterprise, but there’s no common way either to communicate or to do common reporting.We also have a Managed Applications Services practice, and that is respon- sible for managing any of the applications that we build. So, if a client doesn’t want to manage an application, we can do it. “And, last but not least, we have a Business Intelligence and Analytics practice. That’s about business intelligence, reporting analytics, data warehousing, and so on. Every organization is col- CHRIS IZQUIERDO CO-FOUNDER AND COMPANY CEO A lot of enterprise software that compa- nies use, they use because they have to, not because they want to. The software doesn’t work in the way the users expect it to work; it works against them ... We have a user experience team that focuses solely on making sure that the solution works the way you expect it and it exceeds your expectations.