32 33 D evFacto Technologies was founded in 2007 by three old friends who, when they got together, would talk about how they believed they could create something better in the field they were in. “The reason that we wanted to start DevFacto is we had worked for consulting companies in the past - all three of us had consulting and IT backgrounds; we were software pro- fessionals - and we always felt that they didn’t treat their employees as well as they could,” says Co-Founder and company CEO, Chris Izquierdo. “So, we wanted to empower employees to make decisions, to have a great stan- dard of living, and, we believed that in response to that, those same employ- ees would do great work and would be very loyal to our company and our brand. Over the last ten years, that has proved right. It was the right thing to do and it yielded great results.” Today, DevFacto has 120 employees, and three offices in Canada: Edmonton and Calgary in Alberta, and Regina in Saskatchewan. “Those are the brick- and-mortar offices that we have,” says Izquierdo. “And that allows us to do work pretty much anywhere in North America –we have clients in the U.S.; we have clients in western and eastern Canada; we have clients in Europe; in the Middle East. And, even though we primarily focus on western Canada, if somebody outside that mar- ket wants to do business with us, we won’t say ‘No.’We’ll establish a deal that makes sense for both parties and DEVFACTO TECHNOLOGIES SOFTWARE THAT HUMANS LOVE TO USE T E C H N O L O G I E S