300 301 specialty welding kits, track assembly and maintenance materials, to strong and durable American-made hand tools. Others serve as contractors providing railroad and transit con- struction services. Many of its member engi- neering firms are highly sought for their exper- tise in bridge and infrastructure design, helping the railroads overcome immense technical challenges. The rail industry remains on the cutting edge of innovation, as suppliers work hand-in-hand with their railroad customers to develop prod- ucts to meet the challenges of maintaining our nation’s railways and transit systems. Main- tenance machines operate in rugged terrains and difficult weather, tools are made to stand the test of time, and REMSA continues to think creatively about utilizing new technologies. Railroads are beginning to utilize drones and unmanned aerial vehicles to fight fires on their property and identify dangerous con- ditions before a train passes. Some REMSA members are developing automated, rail flaw detection systems that locate defective rail before it fails, ensuring the safe transporta- tion of goods. And others are designing rail RAILWAY ENGINEERING-MAINTENANCE SUPPLIERS ASSOCIATION and transit worker protection systems to ensure that maintenance work is completed as safely and efficiently as possible. These close partner- ships between customers and suppliers has led to dramatic safety and efficiency improvements to our transportation network and created man- ufacturing jobs across our nation. This year, REMSA will be joining its partnering organizations, the Railway Supply Institute (RSI), and Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc. (RSSI), to showcase their shared membership at Railway Interchange, which takes place Sunday, Septem- ber 17 through Wednesday, September 20 at the AT A GLANCE RAILWAY ENGINEERING- MAINTENANCE SUPPLIERS ASSOCIATION WHAT: A non-profit association representing the railroad maintenance-of-way industry WHERE: Washington, DC WEBSITE: