296 297 wise, we’re a leader in this vibrant industry, yet the scope and scale of the work, as well as the variety of job opportunities, is not well known outside of marine circles. For instance, in Port- land, we have a center that tracks all our assets, those of our sister companies, and some of our customers’. The folks we train in-house come to work and track vessels all over the world; pro- viding them with important news and weather updates. They find it fulfilling and fascinating, yet the average person wouldn’t know that type of job exists.” Foss prides itself on operating like a fami- ly, with everyone looking after each other. As a result, Foss has a high retention rate and employ- ees stay an average of 12+ years. More than 300 people have been with the company more than 20 years, and some for 30 and over 40 years. The perks are many: career development support and training opportunities, safety and quality stan- dards second to none, competitive compensation and benefits, community involvement, and the opportunity to be at the forefront of the mari- time industry. “Retaining a world class work force MARINE • CONSTRUCTION • INDUSTRIAL • WE HAVE IT! Address: 2901 Utah Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98134 Phone: (206) 623-8500 Fax: (206) 621-9834 E-mail: REQUEST A QUOTE TODAY! Manufacturer & supplier of all MARQUIP © • Tow Shackles • Tow Plates • Tow Bridles • Ask us about our… • Chain Stoppers • Deck Fittings • Class Certified Stud Link Chain • Class Certified Anchors • Chain Swivels FOSS MARITIME COMPANY PREFERRED VENDOR n Washington Chain & Supply, Inc. by fostering an environment of mutual trust and respect is one of our core values at Foss,” Parrott said. The maritime industry has an ebb and flow in activity. Parrott points out that, “while Foss thrives in the busy times, we certainly don’t slouch off in the leaner times!” Foss is currently building four new “Kapena Class” (Hawaiian for Captain Class) tugs for its Honolulu-based subsidiary, Young Brothers. It is also finalizing the purchase of a new Marine Operating System that will greatly improve the connectivity of fleet and shore, conduct vessel audits, increase training and employee support systems, and refine safety processes and aware- ness programs. After more than 128 years, the Foss brand is known and respected worldwide – largely due to consistency, longstanding relationships with cli- ents and vendors, and a track record that speaks for itself. Looking ahead, the maritime industry is collectively facing some headwinds, yet there are also opportunities as the world moves more to- wards renewable energy, and technology changes how services are provided. These new demands will certainly affect service offerings in ways yet unseen. As Foss Maritime’s new Chief Commercial Officer Will Roberts recent- ly said, “We won’t be changing the core of what we do, but we might change how we look for business and where we look. The marketplace continues to change, and wherever there is change, there is opportunity.”