282 283 grew,we doubled the amount of employees and onboarded a lot of good people who are going to make a difference, and support and partner with our customers.That’s the biggest thing we’ve done in the last four years–getting people set in the right process.The equipment is still the same; we have a good product line. But it’s the talent that we brought in and continue to bring in.” In a business such as SonsrayMachinery,Hoelsher clearly recognizes that trained talent is the key to gaining and retaining customers.“We’re a service business; we don’t manufacture,we buy from the manufacturer,”he states.“Those products break down, so we’re very high on training.We make sure we have the best technicians so we can get them back up and running.No matter what product they buy, it’s going to break. So, service, service, service, is our key.And also,we want to build partnerships with our customers; it’s not a transaction–one sale, thank you and goodbye.As they succeed,we want to grow and succeed with them. It’s a partnership, a two-way street.We’re there to help themwith their problem, not just sell them.We are a small company with an open-door policy.Anyone can contact me n Toku America/Striker Hydraulic Breakers Toku America Inc was founded in March 2010 as a fully owned subsidiary of Toku Pneumatic Co. Ltd, to serve the needs of the construction and demolition industries of North and South America. Our company is based in the heart of Willoughby, Ohio, in a 20,000 sq.ft building com- prising of both warehouse and office space. Toku America has a serious commitment to offering quality products and services to the construction attachment industry. n Woods Construction Equipment PREFERRED VENDORS SONSRAY, INC. and askme anything. It’s not a big corporation.” Hoelscher’s attitude towards his customers ex- tends to the greater communities in which his com- panies do business.“You can’t take until you give and the more you give, the more you’ll get back,” he declares. So, Sonsray has instituted its “Force for Good,” initiative,wherein its employees are chal- lenged to take a paid day off in order to participate in local charity events. Sonsray workers have: biked to fight cancer in Redding,helped the homeless in Los Angeles and SanDiego,raisedmoneywith the Lions Club in Sparks,collected coats for the less fortunate in San Leandro,fed the hungry inTorrance,run for the CURE in Santa Fe Springs,and helped build a play- ground in Sacramento,among other worthyprojects. As for the future,Hoelscher says that hewould like to continue to growhis businesses,both organically and byacquisition,when the right opportunities arise. “We are always looking for expansion, and we are always on the lookout for acquisitions if theymake sense,”he says.“On the segment side, rentals is a great opportunity for us. Sales of equipment is the biggest revenue, but it’s our lowest margin.Our best margin, overall, is rentals because it brings in service and parts. It’s still a very small part of our business and it’s a bigmarket,sowewant to expand it to all locations.”