278 279 AT A GLANCE SONSRAY, INC. WHAT: A distributor and renter of construction equipment and refrigerated trailers and containers WHERE: Torrance, California WEBSITE: dent, a third, and completely new business to him, in the construction industry.“I was trying to rent a bay out of a CASE dealership in the Reno area,”he be- gins. CASE is a manufacturer of construction and ag- ricultural equipment,which, at the time,maintained 11 dealerships in four western U.S. states: California, Nevada,Oregon, andWashington.“The local rep was excited because it was during the downturn and they didn’t have a lot of business,”Hoelsher contin- ues.“We got a deal with him, but then it had to go up the ladder.When it got to CASE corporate, they said,‘No,we want to get rid of these dealerships; we don’t want to be in this business.’ I said,‘what is that you guys are selling?’ I knew nothing about construction, I had never even heard of CASE.When I sawwhat they did, it modeled our other business –it’s distribution, it’s selling, it’s having technicians and parts; it’s exactly what we do. So, I said, I’d be SONSRAY, INC. interested, and in Jan. 2013,we signed the docu- ments and took over their 11 locations in the west coast, and shortly after that,we opened up the Bay area which was 12, and Las Vegas,which was the 13th location.” The new company, SonsrayMachinery, operates as a dealer for new and used construction equipment, mainly CASE products, for construction projects related to roads and bridges, excavation, grading, paving, quarry and aggregates, utilities, landscaping and nursery, government, forestry, agriculture, gener- al construction,waste, recycling and scrap handling, demolition, railroad, industrial, and sewage. It serves businesses such as construction companies, road builders, excavating contractors, utility contractors, landscapers, government agencies, demolition crews, quarries and aggregate processors, farmers, recyclers and waste handlers, railroad and munic- ipality crews, and various sorts of industries with warehouses and routine maintenance needs. Sonsray’s fourth company is Sonsray Rentals.An adjunct to SonsrayMachinery, Sonsray Rentals rents