252 253 ANNEX BRANDS, INC. he founded the PostalAnnex+ brand to try and meet those needs, not just for him but for other people who were in the same position. His initial plan was to run and operate multiple locations throughout San Diego County, California. I think he identified somewhere between 16 and 18 communities here that he planned on developing over time.” Things went better than expected. PostalAnnex+ sold its first franchise in 1986, located in the Rancho Penasquitos community of San Diego. Since then PostalAnnex+ has grown to nearly 300 locations across the United States.Then, in 2006, PostalAn- nex+ acquired the Florida-based Sunshine Pack& Ship retail and commercial shipping centers.The Sunshine acquisition provided new opportunities with the shipping of large, fragile, and valuable items through its logistics and van line operations. In September 2007, the company acquired the Handle with Care Packaging Store brand.These locations strengthened the company’s vertical reach into the shipping and transportation business through its commercial logistics operations, includ- ing creating packing solutions via custom-built corrugated cartons and wooden crates.As a result of a growing number of brands beyond the flagship PostalAnnex+ brand, the company renamed itself Annex Brands, Inc. in late 2007. “So,most of our early growth and development was organic,” explains Heine, “it was friends, fami- ly, neighbors, customers of the location, and much more regional in origin as a result. But then we began to grow our organization, not only through new unit licensing, but also through a chain of acquisitions, which have consolidated the indus- try.We’re not just PostalAnnex any longer.We’re 1. It’s economical. Your customers can save with FedEx Ground without sacrificing any re- liability. In fact, our rates are among the most cost-effective for ground shipping, which is a benefit your customers will really enjoy. 2. It’s faster. We offer delivery to every address in the 48 contiguous U.S. states within one to five business days, based on the distance to the destination (delivery to Alaska and Ha- waii in three to seven business days). 1 With this speed, it’s no wonder FedEx Ground is faster to more locations than UPS Ground. This means you can exceed expectations by expanding your customers’ geographic reach quickly — leading to happy, returning custom- ers. 3. It delivers on Saturdays — at no added cost. FedEx Home Delivery ® standard de- livery days are Tuesday through Saturday. Because Saturday is a standard delivery day, not only is there no extra cost , but shipments that would be delivered to your customer on Monday by anoth- er carrier will reach your cus- tomer two days ear- lier . 2 UPS Ground does not offer a ground delivery service for Saturday, and adds a Saturday air delivery surcharge. Now that’s a big reason to offer FedEx Home De- livery. 4. It goes to Canada. Your customers can ship to Canada with confidence, thanks to FedEx International Ground ® . In fact, FedEx Inter- national Ground is up to two business days faster from Houston (among other U.S. cities) to major Canadian markets than UPS Stan- dard. 3 On the FedEx International Ground service to Canada page on, we’ve identified the documents and shipping materials needed for this economical service, and included information about the types of items you can ship. Please remember to check the FedEx Service Guide for a list of prohibited items to Canada. 5. It’s flexible. If your customer wants a pack- age to arrive at a residence on a particular day within a specific window of time, you can suggest one of several convenient delivery options. 6. It’s easy to track: There are plenty of ser- vices your customers can use to track the status of their shipment with FedEx Ground. As a FASC participant, you can track the status of your customers’ shipments for them with the FedEx ® Tracking tool. It’s free to use, easy to access, simple to navigate and essential for your store. 7. It’s reliable: FedEx Ground ® service is sup- ported by a money-back guarantee. 5 That’s a great benefit to tout to your customers. 7 Reasons Why Your Customers Will Love FedEx Ground FedEx Ground ships 7.5 million packages per day. It’s no surprise then, that FedEx has ground service down to a science. But what does this mean for your FedEx Authorized ShipCenter ® (FASC) customers? It means they have a cost-effective, quick and reliable way to ship, backed by the experience of FedEx. When you suggest FedEx Ground to your customers, you’re telling them they don’t have to choose between cost and speed. And the benefits don’t stop there. Read why customers love FedEx Ground ― and how that will help benefit your business.