248 249 Recognizing a need and filling a niche can sometimes take one to unexpected and profitable places. The growth of Annex Brands, Inc. has been nothing if not phenomenal over the past few decades, and it all be- gan with one man’s quest for a better business solution. “The company started as PostalAnnex+ about 33 years ago,” explains Ryan Heine, Vice President for Fran- chising. “The first locations were opened in 1985, and we started franchising in 1986. Jack Lentz, the founder, came from a printing background and spent a period of time ‘flunking retirement.’ He worked as a business consultant and was struggling to find a single point of service for the types of needs he had as a home-based business - a place to ship things, a professional address, small office and business-related services. As a result, AT A GLANCE ANNEX BRANDS, INC. WHAT: A franchisor in the shipping and trans- portation business ANNEX BRANDS, ANNEX BRANDS, INC. FILLING AN EXPANDING NICHE Inc. WHERE: San Diego, California WEBSITE: