24 25 FACTORS TO CONSIDER Prior to choosing your industrial warehouse racking, think about factors including, but not limited to, the following: Items that will be stored in your space, your overall budget, whether you are storing on pallets, product flow requirements, amount of available storage space in the area, whether you will be using forklifts, and the ware- house environment (temperature, humidity, refrig- eration, etc.) Racking can cover part of your space, or the entire warehouse. Here are the six most popular industrial warehouse racking solutions in use throughout the U.S.… 1. Selective Pallet Rack The selective pallet rack is the most versatile and popular type of racking in the industry today. Advantages include: direct access to every pal- let; basic stock management; adaptable to every product, regardless of volume, weight, or size; and cost efficient when used in conjunction with wide span beams. Double-depth racks create larger storage ca- pacity by stacking several pallets back to back. Selective racks are a great option for basic stor- age needs. 2. Drive-in and Drive-thru Rack Both drive-in and drive-thru rack systems are cost-effective solutions to high-density storage needs. Both systems have rails that run down the depth of the pallet placement. Since they require less aisle space, drive-in and drive-thru racks provide your warehouse with room for 75% more pallets than selective racking. The rails are con- EXECUTIVE VIEW structed using durable structural angle steel, and feature a broadening entry that offers bay access. Drive-in and drive-thru rack systems should be used for large volumes of like products.With the high-density storage, product is not easily accessible, as pallets are stored back to back and floor to ceiling. However, dense storage can create space for up to seven times more product than floor stacking; three times more than pallet racking. 3. Cantilever Rack The cantilever rack is a great choice if your warehouse stores and moves products of variable weights and sizes. Items such as furniture, plumb- ing materials, boat parts, etc.. Cantilever storage shelving is specifically designed for storing long, oddly-sized materials such as lumber, PVC and metal or other pipes. 4. Push Back Rack The push back rack is the best system for a warehouse or distribution center that requires access to multiple groups of SKUs simultaneously, especially those requiring cooler or freezer envi- ronments. This rack works to a “last-in, first out” (LIFO) method, and the racks support carts that