236 237 Southern Cross Boat Works is one of the prominent marine industry companies in Florida that specializes in shrink wrap, marine scaffolds and floats. With over 18 years in business we have pioneered the industry. Southern Cross Boat Works has a team of highly trained and certified employees that have over 90 years of combined experience in the marine industry! We strive to provide excellent service! For more info, contact: Fort Lauderdale Office: 2019 SW 20th St Suite 111 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 954.271.1056 • FAX: 954.467.4088 Palm Beach Office: 4200 North Flagler Drive West Palm Beach, Florida 33407 561.557.9251 PREFERRED VENDORS n Axalta Coating Systems When you choose Imron® for your marine project you get the industry benchmark.  Imron marine products are scientif- ically engineered to deliver the industry’s best appearance, performance and corrosion protection. The durability and abrasion resistance of Imron helps ensure gloss and mir- ror-like finishes last longer and require less maintenance over time. n Southern Cross Boat Works PINMAR USA growth plans for Pinmar USA so we are always on the lookout for business development opportuni- ties.” Those plans may now be put into overdrive, as GYG just recently became a publicly traded com- pany on the London Stock Exchange. “The whole idea behind the company wanting to become public was to get the new investment and the backing to push forward our strategy in a big way,” Burgess states. “The USA has a growing superyacht fleet and Pinmar is intent on exploit- ing that market growth.We are well positioned with operations established in all the leading refit yards in both Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, whilst opening new facilities in Savan- nah, Georgia.We want to establish our market leadership here to a similar position in Europe, where the company does have the reputation of being the largest paint refinishing company in the world.We want our clients to know that when they’re on this side of the ‘pond,’ that they have the same service and the same excellence of fin- ish that they would get over in Europe.” Apart from being the biggest, Burgess says that being the best at what they do makes Pinmar attractive to shipyards that use their own workers for paint jobs.“There are two or three shipyards that are now just starting to see the potential of bringing Pinmar in, instead of using their own in-house staff that would have normally done all the fairing and paint work.”Another competitive advantage is the company’s warranty on both workmanship and the paint finish. “The discern- ing yacht captain and owner are now looking for a warranty that they can have wherever they are,” he says. “If the boat is on the other side of the world from where it was actually painted, it would have a backup warranty. There’s no other company out there that could do that. So, we are different in the respect that we now have a glob- al presence.” Finally, Burgess believes that Pinmar USA stands out for its attention to detail and its pro- fessionalism in the marketplace. “We go the extra mile for the client,” he concludes. “And the clients that come to Pinmar tend to remain loyal to us, forming a strong rapport together.We never back down on any of our promises when it comes to warranty; they get the full cover whether they’re on one side of the pond or the other. Pinmar has a reputation of being a brand of excellence and re- liability; it’s a brand that is synonymous with what yachting is all about, which is to have the best of the best. And we strive to be that.”