224 225 boat business, due to those relationships and opportunities.” Strong’s also has significant marina revenue streams, that tend not to be as impacted during a downturn. Those include dockage, winter stor- age, services, and a yacht restoration facility that’s relatively new for the company. It also has many entertainment venues, featuring events such as VIP parties around the pool and the Sound of Summer Concert Series – a great draw for clients around the tri-state area at Strong’s Water Club facility. Jeff acknowledges, “We were fortunate and very proud that we did not have one layoff during that downturn.” For a successful long-term family business, the need for a succession plan is always present in the minds of owners and principals, and Strong’s Marine is no exception. Jeff Strong immersed himself in all aspects of the trade from a young age, working his way from painting boat bottoms and pumping gas at age eight, to running a small store of his own at 16, selling boats and boat accessories. He now runs Strong’s Marine with Re, his wife of 39 years. The good news is that fourth gen Ryan is proving more than competent to take over the reins. Proud father Jeff says, “My son Ryan is Vice President of our company. He’s 32 years old and just got a great accolade from Boating Industry Magazine, the national publication for our industry. It’s wonderful for all of us.” Gasoline Engines Our next generation of engines are here. With better fuel efficiency for longer days on the water. Volvo Penta gasoline engines have THE POWER TO MOVE YOU . The Power To Go Farther. 2017 Business View.indd 1 9/6/2017 3:11:44 PM STRONG’S MARINE PREFERRED VENDOR n Volvo Penta To other business owners out there, Jeff has some sage advice: “We consider ourselves a rea- sonable-sized small business at this point.With consolidation going on, globally, in all kinds of industries, we still believe there is a growing de- mand for extremely high levels of intimate service wanted by people who have the desire and the financial wherewithal. So, there are significant opportunities for small businesses to thrive if they continue to be nimble, to adjust and adapt. Listen to your team members, listen to your clients. That’s where all our ideas come from.We try to be good listeners, work through the ideas, and prioritize what we think will work best.”