154 155 NEW BRAND, NEWVENUES KENTUCKY VENUES AT A GLANCE KENTUCKY VENUES WHAT: Operator of two major convention and exhibition facilities WHERE: Louisville, Kentucky WEBSITE: www.kyvenues. com O wned and operated by the Common- wealth of Kentucky’sTourism,Arts, andHeritage Cabinet,and governed by the KentuckyState Fair Board, KentuckyVenues comprises twomajor conven- tion and exhibition facilities: the KentuckyEx- position Center (KEC),adjacent to the Louisville International Airport,and the Kentucky Interna- tional Convention Center (KICC) in downtown Louisville.KentuckyVenues’mandate is to help advance the state’s agriculture and tourism industries and economywhile serving the en- tertainment,cultural,and educational interests of the publicby serving as hosts and promoters of exhibitions,conventions,trade shows,public gatherings,cultural events,and other functions. “It’s been important to the state and it’s been a hub,not only for sports and entertainment, but also for agricultural and livestockevents throughout its history,since 1956,”says Jason Rittenberry,KentuckyVenues President and CEO sinceNovember,2016.In fact,according to the state agency’s 2016Annual Report,the KEC and KICCcombined for more than $259million in local economic impact,with KECaccounting for $206million and KICCgenerating almost KENTUCKY VENUES