132 133 Marketing.He describes the Center’s approach in en- ticing potential clients: “We focus on the city, state, and regional assets that we have in NewMexico that differentiate us from other markets,”he says. “Convenience is a huge thing–we’re fiveminutes fromour international airport,andwe’re dead center in the heart of downtown.So,when it comes to offsite activities and the hotels that support the Center,we’re right next door.We have easyaccess to things.We’re kind of a big small town. “Our climate inNewMexicomakes us an ideal destination for outdoor events,activities,festivals,and rallies.Andwe’re rapidlybecoming iconic for food and beverage.The brewing industry is huge inAlbuquerque and that’s getting us some national and internation- al attention.Andwe have some of the oldest wine making regions in the country,here inNewMexico.So the epicurean side of the state really shines through. And,we’re amelting pot inNewMexico; we have a tremendous amount of cultural diversity that makes us a unique and comfortable destination.” Garcia elaborates on the cultural aspects of theACC that makes it unique and uniquelyNewMexican.“We house the city’s public art department,”he reveals.“This means we are nowa quasi gallery.We haveworld- class art throughout the entire facility–sometimes upward of 200 pieces.And very soon,we’re going to have aworld-renowned fresco artist by the name of FredericoVigil start a fresco in the Convention Center. He lives betweenAlbuquerque and Santa Fe and he’s done frescos all over theworld.We’re looking forward to this four-and-a-half-year project that is going to be focused on thewine culture of NewMexico.We are a unique convention center becausewe resemble the THE ALBUQUERQUE CONVENTION CENTER PREFERRED VENDOR n TLC Plumbing & Utility TLC Plumbing & Utility is a diverse business grounded in plumbing and infrastructure services for residential and commercial clients. TLC’s service division provides plumbing, heating, cooling, drain repair, maintenance, and installation services to a broad customer base in Central New Mexico. Its heavy commercial & industrial service department focuses on providing customized HVAC and mechanical service for businesses throughout New Mexico. TLC’s construction divi- sion offers a range of infrastructure services, including utility (storm, drain & sewer), earthwork, concrete, paving, mechani- cal plumbing & HVAC installation, and wastewater treatment facility construction. place that we are.” Finally,Garcia stresses that the success of theACC rests solidlyon its 39 regular,full-time employees,as well as its 100 to 150 part-time,on-call,and as-need- edworkers.“The staff and the employees are second to none,”he declares.“We don’t consider ourselves as employees; we are consultants-an extension of our clients and their teams.That model has led to the execution of every single event.” Hatchitt adds that the networkof hospitalitypart- ners inAlbuquerque that support theACC,and of which it is a part,is likewise“second to none,in terms of the care that is taken to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for guests,business travelers,leisure travelers,and convention attendees,alike.It’s a very unique and strong hospitality community and the Convention Center is right at the crux of it.”