108 109 THE PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT & SERVICES ASSOCIATION In addition, PESA promotes the technology innovations of PESA member companies who develop the tools and technology to harness our natural resources safely, more efficiently, and with a smaller environmental footprint. PESA member companies are technology leaders, developing disruptive technologies that should be mentioned in the same breath as self-driving cars and gene- based medicine. While there have been tremendous advance- ments in just the last few years, the oilfield service and supply sector never rests on its laurels – its focus is clearly on the future. Productivity in the oilfield of tomorrow will be maximized by auto- mated tools, robots, and drone-conducted surveys. The bottom line is that oilfield service, supply, and manufacturing companies are producing game-changing technologies every day, many of them leading to the discoveries that help society achieve critical goals, including economic growth and job creation. A valuable service that underpins all PESA events, programs, and activities is the opportu- nity to network across the supply chain, with key customers and industry thought leaders. In addi- tion to building relationships with colleagues and clients, events are focused on keeping members up-to-date with trends and issues impacting the industry. The combination of improving technology and the pressures brought on by the precipitous de- cline in energy prices, resulted in all participants in the oil and natural gas industry, including trade associations, to adjust their sails to navigate the strong headwinds. PESA exists and prospers because it offers spe- cific benefits to its members that cannot be real- ized individually– it has done this, successfully, for more than eight decades and will continue to do so in the years ahead. As we face the challenges of tomorrow, we must not shy away from directing our talent, technolo- gy, and entrepreneurial spirit towards navigating them, both for the good of our industry and so- ciety. PESA will be an important part of how our sector navigates that change. Our sector and our industry are stronger when we work together. Companies across the oilfield service, supply, and manufacturing sector see real value from PESA and know the Association is working to strengthen both individual companies and the entire sector. PESA is confident that with the right focus, con- tinued innovation, and a commitment to working together, we can successfully navigate the chal- lenges we face now and in the future.