96 97 HMS GLOBAL MARITIME MARINE MANAGEMENT AND CONSULTING H MS Global Maritime,a full-servicemarine operator andmaritimemanagement com- pany,started in 1995 as a spinoff of Horn- blower Cruises and Events,a business that operates casino and excursion vessels,and charter yachts.Today,HMS Global Maritime,with headquar- ters inNewAlbany,Indiana,has four divisions: HMS Ferries,HMS Consulting&Technical,theAmerican Queen Steamboat Company,and Seaward Services. The companyhas approximately900 employees across its four divisions. HMS Ferries,with headquarters in Bainbridge Island,Washington,offers specialized knowledge and expertise required to transport passengers,vehicles, and other cargo,safelyacross inland and coastal waterways.The companyoffers complete vessel management andmaintenance services,combined with comprehensive operational support,including onshore and onboard customer service.“The vessels that we operate in our Ferries Division are typically owned by the client,typically state or local govern- ment agencies,”says Paul“Chip”Jaenichen,HMS