88 89 cle Freight,the company recently partneredwith Envirun,a business operations consultancy that offers risk management oversight services.The firmoversees the safety training and compliance requirements of all drivers. Outsourcing these tasks allows the staff at Pinnacle to dowhat it does best: focus on freight. With a fine-tunedmachine and an eye on the future,Ravallo continues to look for innovativeways to grow.As he explains,“Throughout the country, there’s a capacity storage that ebbs and flows,but for themost part there is always a drive bycustomers to find newcompanies that are expanding and putting on trucks.”But putting on trucks doesn’t necessarilymean pur- chasing them.Pinnacle Freight recently unveiled its Owner/Operator model, contracting hazmat-endorsed drivers to provide customers withmore capacity and the companywithmore flexibil- ity.The driver owns and operates the truckand Pinnacle provides the trailer. Ravallo recognizes the importance of providing the right assets tomake the programwork,stating,“Crucial to this rollout for theOwner/Operator program is our ability to get them the trailers theyneed to pull the freight. And that’s whyUtilityTrailer Sales in Thoroughfare,NewJersey is a very important partner.” This outsourcingmodel is two-tiered for Pinnacle.Not onlydoes it provide customers withmore trucks,more PINNACLE FREIGHT SYSTEMS, INC. Direct truck to truck refueling Equipment refueling service Gasoline and diesel fuels DEF - 2.5 g/55 g/275-330 g Oil tank / HVAC services Heating oil - commercial and residential 856-786-0707 options,andmore flexibility,it also provides Pinnacle with a personalized source of drivers.Ravallo is count- ing onword of mouth from the drivers to attract other capable and dependable operators.Just as Pinna- cle provides staff with the best chances for success through streamlined operations,the firmprovides po- tential for independent drivers looking toworkunder the securityof an established business.As Ravallo puts it,“We provide good equipment,good opportunities, and a good living.” As this endeavor is organicallygrowing,Ravallo continues to look toward the future.He sees a fleet of 100Owner/Operators over the next 5-7years,with a near double increase in revenues.“Pinnacle ismaking everyeffort we can to growthe business,add drivers, and retain them,”he states emphatically. PREFERRED VENDOR n 7 Oil Company www.7oil.com 7Oil Company is fullycommitted to the satisfaction of everyone of our valued clients. We’ve been in business over 30 years,servicing all of NewJersey,Eastern Pennsylvania,andNorthernDelaware. Our product deliveryconsists of On-Road andOff-RoadDiesel Fuels,Gasoline,andDiesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). We deliver truck-to- truckmobile fueling,as well as bulk tanks,construction equipment, and emergencyback-up generators. For your convenience and to further drive your organizational efficiency,we offer auto or will call delivery,as well as the development of customized delivery schedules. Our Tank Install and Spill RemediationDivisions provide oil tank removal,replacement and hazmat spill remediation services in both residential and commercial settings. 7Oil’smobile fuel service features a state of the art,web-based scanning system that uses site specific information provided by the customer and historical data to ensure on time delivery. This allows you tomanage your fuel more efficientlywith timelydata on every fuel transaction. 7Oil is a full service residential provider. Our experienced and qualifiedDrivers,ServiceTechnicians and Staff offer fast and reliable service for all your home heating and air-conditioning needs. We of- fer multiple service contracts tomeet your specificneeds,all which include one standard cleaning per year.