78 79 HENNINGSEN COLD STORAGE CO. Henningsen Cold Storage Co. O ne of the largest public refrigerat- edwarehousing companies in the U.S.,theHenningsen Cold Storage Co.was originally founded in 1923 byWaldemar F.Henningsen,Sr.,andwas for- merlyknown as Henningsen Enterprises,Inc. Today,the company,nowin its fifth generation of Henningsen ownership and operation,de- livers refrigerated logistics through a national warehouse network totaling 60million cubic feet of multi-temperature controlled storage. “We started off our business as an ice company, back in the 1920s,andwe provided refrigeration services,at the time,for produce and shipments of perishable products,”says ExecutiveVice Pres- ident,TonyLucarelli.“Nowadays,we are a cold storage company; we store frozen food products andwe still actually store ice.” Headquartered inHillsboro,Oregon,Hen- ningsen Cold Storage has frozen and refrig- erated facility locations in Portland,Salem, and Forest Grove,Oregon; Kent and Richland, Washington; Twin Falls,Idaho; Grand Forks, NorthDakota; Stillwell,Oklahoma; and Scran- ton,Pennsylvania.“Most of our footprint is in the PacificNorthwest,”says Lucarelli.“We’ve got 11 facilities and eight of themare inOregon,Wash- ington,and Idaho.We have about 350 associ- ates,company-wide,and over 300 active clients throughout our organization.Themajorityof our clientele are foodmanufacturing companies that require frozen or refrigerated storage for their food and beverage products.Theyneed to store themsomewhere before theyget them sold and shipped to their customers.We provide that interimstep in the supplychain,right after production.” Lucarelli reports that the companyhas experi- enced substantial growth over the last fewyears. “In 2014,we added 25 percent more capacity onto our networkandwe added at least 25 percent more staffing to our mix,”he states. “This year,we opened up a newfacility in Salem, Oregon; it’s our second facility in Salem.Our RELAX, IT’S HANDLED WHAT: A refrigerated warehousing and storage company WHERE: Hillsboro, Oregon WEBSITE: www.henningsen.com AT A GLANCE HENNINGSEN COLD STORAGE CO.