254 255 PIONEERING UTAH’S FUTURE LEHI CITY, UTAH A s the state’s sixth oldest city, Lehi,Utah, is rich in pioneer and old west history.Originally settled byMormon pioneers, and named after Lehi, a prophet in the Book of Mormon, the city has also been known as Sulphur Springs, Snow’s Springs,Dry Creek, and Evansville,but was incorporated as Lehi City in 1852.TheOverland Stagecoach Route,the PonyExpressTrail,and the Transcontinental Telegraph all passed through or near Lehi during the peakof their use. Today,Lehi is the fifth fastest-growing city in the country,havingmore than doubled in size since 2000, with a population approaching 65,000.Once an agricultural community,Lehi is quicklybecoming a premier technologyand commercial center,with several landmark companies calling it home,includingAdobe,I.M. LEHI CITY U T A H AT A GLANCE LEHI CITY, UTAH WHAT: A city of 65,000 WHERE: Utah County in the center of the state WEBSITE: www.lehi-ut.gov Flash,Xactware,Microsoft,Vivint,Oracle,andXango. “We’re in a major growth mode, right now,” says CityAdminis- trator, JasonWalker.“North Utah County, and Lehi, in particular, has become kind of the epicenter for this tech boom–we’ve been nicknamed ‘Silicon Slope’ by the governor and others, and we’ve seen a lot of interest from companies all over the country locating their campuses here. IT companies like to cluster to- gether, so there’s a lot of synergy that’s been created.Adobe just recently announced a major expansion of their campus; it could bring, roughly, another thousand high-paying jobs to the area,