208 209 S cugog is a Township in the Regional Municipality of Durham, in south-cen- tral Ontario, Canada. It is located approximately 54 miles northeast of Toronto, has 22,500 residents and is part of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). The name Scu- gog most likely derived from the Mississauga word sigaog, which means either swampy or marshy land, or “waves leap over the canoe.” Either way, the original Scugog Township was, in fact, an island. It was created in 1856, when William Purdy and his sons dammed the Scugog River at Lindsay to power their grist mill. The rising waters separated Scugog Island from its neighbors, Reach and Cart- wright. The current Township of Scugog was created in 1974, through the amalgamation of the original Townships of Scugog, Reach, and SCUGOG, ONTARIO READY FOR THE FUTURE