116 117 PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS, INC. P hoenix International Holdings, Inc., an employee-owned marine services company, conducts complex manned and unmanned underwater opera- tions worldwide, including waterborne ship repairs; underwater inspection, maintenance, and repair of oil and gas infrastructure; deep ocean search and recovery; underwater weld- ing; submarine rescue; and marine engineer- ing. Its customers include U.S. and foreign navies and government agencies; com- mercial shipping companies, the oil and gas industry, subsea mining firms, and the underwater archaeological community. The company started doing business in 1997, when six underwater operations ex- perts joined resources to form Phoenix Ma- rine, Inc., an underwater services company dedicated to the waterborne repair of U.S. Navy ships. This goal was realized when the U.S. Navy awarded Phoenix a five-year Diving and Diving Related Services contract. Within three years, Phoenix, deploying an internally designed and built 6,000 msw (me- ters seawater – a unit of pressure in underwa- ter diving) depth-capable, remotely-operated vehicle, won several internationally competed contracts to search for and recover aircraft and rocket components from water depths to 3,000 meters. In 2001, this demonstrated capability resulted in the award of another PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS, INC. UNDERWATER SOLUTIONS WORLDWIDE AT A GLANCE PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS, INC. WHAT: A marine services company WHERE: Lake Arbor, Maryland WEBSITE: www.phnx-international.com