88 89 Family owned Flooring boutique Hardwood Carpet Area rugs 704 South lamar Austin, Texas 78704 interested in working in this industry, than who is? So, identifying that demographic and tapping into it–is it the immigrant population, is it women, is it others who don’t traditionally work in construction? I don’t know. But, I think it’s a big issue to pay attention to.” In this, CG&S Design-Build’s 60th anniversary year, Davis says that the second generation of Guerreros is beginning to contemplate passing the torch to the third, currently in their twenties.“Some of our children work in the company, right now. And just recently, we discussed what a succession plan might look like. Are they interested? And if they are interested, what kind of education, what kind of things do they need to learn to be prepared? We’ve also had some thoughts about maybe becoming an employee-owned company, so we’re looking at the possibilities of that.” While ownership of the company might change sometime in the future, what won’t change are its core values and its tried and true work ethic. “I think what’s most important about our company is that we strive to be a company that’s built on prin- ciple, and we believe that what we do enhances people’s lives,” Davis declares. “Our focus is on how we provide our goods and services; how we de- sign, how we build, and how we support this thing that we do.We’re going into someone’s home – a very important space – and it’s going to be better than when we first got there. That’s our core. That’s fundamental to who we are, and it all started with the founders of our company. And it’s worked really well for us.” CG&S DESIGN-BUILD PREFERRED VENDOR n Schroeder Design Associates Schroeder is a family-owned and operated flooring boutique serving the Austin,Texas market. The company works with interior designers, homebuilders, remod- elers, and homeowners to provide a wide-selection of high quality products such as custom area rugs, carpeting, hardwood floor- ing, tiles, and more.