58 59 S toreBound is a product innovation company that develops branded housewares including small appli- ances and home innovations, and then distributes and manages their performance through top-tier retail- ers like Crate & Barrel,QVC,HSN,Target,West Elm,Urban Outfitters, and manymore.The company’s platform is a fully integrated model of design,manufacturing, quality control, technology, sales,marketing, and customer service. StoreBound’s 30+ employees work out of its main office and headquarters in NewYork City, as well as satellite offices in Los Angeles,Hong Kong, and China. Recently, Business ViewMagazine had an extensive conver- sation with Evan Dash, StoreBound’s CEO and Founder.The following is an edited transcript of that discussion: BVM: Can you talk a little about your background and what STOREBOUND STOREBOUND IDEAS TO PRODUCTS AT A GLANCE STOREBOUND WHAT: A product innovation company WHERE: Headquarters in New York City, New York WEBSITE: EVAN DASH FOUNDER AND CEO prompted you to start StoreBound? DASH: “I started the business in 2010 after an almost 20-year career working for major retailers. I had worked only in large or- ganizations and gained experience in almost every product category offered in a depart- ment store.My previous job before starting