44 45 D evelopment Group, Inc. (DGI), based in Redding, Califor- nia, is a network solutions provider and integrator with core expertise in communication technology, and cloud and managed services.The company was founded by Dan Lockwood and Jason Eatmon in 2009.“In retrospect, probably about the worst time in recent history that you could decide to start a business,”Lockwood quips, referring to the prevailing busi- ness climate in the depths of the recent Great Recession. Nonetheless,with a solid grounding in computer technology (Lockwood wrote his first computer programwhen he was eight years old on an Apple IIGS) as well as the partners’ backgrounds in the public sector, particularly in K-12 education,DGI set out to service an underserved sector of the marketplace.“It’s been my ob- servation, over the years, that the public sector, and particularly the K-12 part of the market, doesn’t get a lot of attention from part- DEVELOPMENT GROUP, INC. (DGI) APPROACHING IT DIFFERENTLY DGI AT A GLANCE DEVELOPMENT GROUP, INC. WHAT: A network solutions provider WHERE: Redding, California WEBSITE: