230 231 fast. People are converting smaller homes and invest- ing in those homes.Triple THoldings has a big devel- opment taking place in Lakefield right now,marketed to seniors and retirees. It’s a stepped development with smaller garden homes and the last phase will be apartment-style condominiums. In the last 10 years,we’ve had a lot of condo-type developments in the Village. It’s a very walkable community with all the amenities.” Another key opportunity is waiting in the wings for Lakefield–a secondary planning area immediately adjacent to the original village boundary. Developers are interested, and it’s hoped that more single-family dwellings will be built.The lands were formerly in Smith, but will become part of the Lakefield ward boundaries as they are developed out.An official plan is already in place for servicing and road networks, stormwater management assessments have been done, so it’s all ready to go on the books. Selwyn produces an annual “report card” that highlights, among other stats, details of sustainability and green initiatives. Items of interest: Conversion of street lights to LED saved 243,339 kWh in 2016– that’s a saving of $58,000 in reduced electricity and maintenance costs in the first year, and a reduction of 9.5 tonnes in Greenhouse Gas emissions. In addition, diversion of metal, used tires, construction debris, and waste electronic equipment in 2016 increased the lifespan of the landfill from 12 to 15 years. Where Selwyn used to function as an independent municipality, it nowworks with the region to make a significant impact. Partnering with Sustainable Pe- SELWYN TOWNSHIP, ONTARIO n DM Wills Associates Ltd. D.M.Wills Associates Ltd. is an expanding engineering firm that offers design, construction administration, engineering, and survey services in the municipal, transportation, and construction fields. The core of the company is the lasting partnerships it develops with its clients and their communities; its reputation has been built on trust and talent. PREFERRED VENDOR terborough–a regional sustainability initiative–is a perfect example.All the lower-tier townships, the City of Peterborough, Green Up Peterborough -any stakeholder with an interest in the environment has a seat at the table, and they all work together. Economic development is also done regionally through a valuable part- nership with the Peterborough & the Kawarthas Economic Development Corporation. Chittick relays the impor- tance of cooperation: “If we can bring an employer to a neighboring mu- nicipality,we need to encourage that. We need to get away fromworking in silos and competing against each other.Tourism is huge here, and Peter- borough & Kawarthas actually do a lot of marketing for our local tourism sector.” Looking to the future, over a 20- year period, the Lakefield South secondary plan could double the population of the Village of Lakefield. Growth is a good thing, but Chittick cautions,“There’s always reluctance towards change.We know Lakefield’s going to get bigger, at the same time, people want to know their neighbors, and feel connected to their communi- ty. Residents still want that feeling of small. “We’re just updating our strategic plan, and quality of life is a major pos- itive. I know every communitymight say that, but we really do have it all here: an easy commute to the city; plenty of employment and business opportunities; great schools; facilities, festivals, and fun things to do.And, of course, the lakes.We’re so lucky!”