222 223 We Keep Your Drinking Water Clean. We are a full-service company, specializing in: n Backflow testing by ABPA and state certified technicians n Backflow repair by our highly trained technical team n Annual maintenance and notification of necessary future testing n Tracking of all backflow-related concerns in our service areas n Initial risk assessment and hazard analysis of your property (801) 702-0313 Clearwater Backflow Services is a highly experienced team of industry professionals who are capable of addressing backflow concerns of any caliber. Fully licensed and insured, we currently operate in Northern Utah. We are committed to preserving the best possible water quality at all times. SOUTH JORDAN, UTAH gy Star standards, and the entire community has been designed and built with sustainability in mind.Many of the home builders in the community offer different options that promote green building, including solar and thermal panels, renewable building materials, and high performance appliances.Many homes also have fiber-optic connections.When completed,Day- break will contain more than 22,000 residential units and approximately 3.1 million square feet of com- mercial space. It’s anticipated that Daybreak will add approximately 60,000 residents at full build out. “Recentlywithin the Daybreakarea,we put another 2,000 acres into developable land byadding newwater lines,roads,sewers,and power through an assessment bond,”Whatcott adds.Daybreakopened amodel home parkand is currentlyconstructing newresidential properties.One of the things that has kept South Jordan on the radar is a high return on home values due to lot sizes and various housing types and finishes. Meanwhile, on the east side of town, along the I-15 corridor,which runs north and south through the city, South Jordan is working in partnership with the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) to build a transit-oriented development near a rail stop of the FrontRunner, a commuter rail train that serves the Wasatch Front. “We’ve already built about 300 residential units there and we’re building another 250, right now,”Whatcott reports.“And we have two large office towers going in.These types of residential units are appealing to the young professionals who can commute to Salt Lake on the train; theycan convenientlyuse public transportation to commute.” South Jordan is also served by the UTAbus system andUTA’sTRAXlight railRedLine.TheRedLineconnects theTRAXline runningtodowntownSalt LakeCityandthe UniversityofUtah.TwoTRAXstations,withparkandride lots,are located inside theDaybreakCommunity. For thosewho own cars,Whatcott reports that several planned road projects are aimed at relieving conges- tion andmaking commutes quicker and easier.Anew phased freeway,theMountainViewCorridor,is under construction along thewestern peripheryof the county. Aparallel road,the Bangerter Highway is having its on-grade stoplights eliminated.“We’re taking all those intersections and either going under or over the cross streets,”Whatcott explains.“That’s a big undertaking and it will have a big impact on howwemove traffic.Cross streets will havemore flowand peoplewon’t have to drive all theway to I-15-theycanmove up and down the corridor on Bangerter.We also have an old five-lane section of one of our major east/west corridors through town,State Route 151,also called the South Jordan Parkway.It’s being constructed fromRedwood Road to the I-15 corridor,which is about threemiles; it’s going to a seven-lane section,and hopefully that’s going to help with the commuter flow,too.” Amid all this development,redevelopment,and opportunities for growth,South Jordan is being careful to preserve its natural landscape.“The Jordan River runs through a portion of South Jordan,andwe’ve teamed upwith our partners in Salt Lake County to create a trail systemalong the river that connects all theway from one county to the other,”Whatcott says.“We’ve seen the completion of the trail in our communityas well as in Salt Lake County.The Cityof South Jordanmade some improvements with parks,urban fisheries,open space, and some reconstructedwildlife habitat areas.We have seen the restoration of small mammals and other birds due to these improvements along the river corridor.” With its combination of the best of nature and the best of urban living,it’s nowonder that South Jordan, continues to receive accolades fromvarious sources as one of the best places to live inAmerica. n Clearwater Backflow Services Established in 2002, Clearwater Backflow Services is a highly experienced team of industry professionals who are capable of addressing backflow concerns of any caliber. Fully licensed and insured, the company currently operates in Northern Utah. PREFERRED VENDOR