208 209 WHEN YOU JUST NEED IT FIXED When you need your facility up and running, call the local experts that always pick up the phone. With dedicated commercial HVAC technicians, Sullivan Heating & Cooling is your solution for heating and cooling maintenance, repair, and installation. 360.405.0723 5373 Auto Center Way #205 Bremerton, WA 98312 COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL RESIDENTIAL 1901, so some of our infrastructure is old, but we have money for the maintenance of what we have, and we have money for the new construction and for growth.”The city is also working with Mason Coun- ty to the southwest, to utilize its newly constructed wastewater treatment plant for growth at the airport and re-usable water for Gold Mountain Golf Course. Lent also touts Olympic College,which offers degrees in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, as well as Nursing, FilmMaking, Information Systems, Organizational Leadership, and Technical Manage- ment. In 2015, the community college was named as one of ten finalists, and in 2017one of the top 150 finalists for the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence, the nation’s preeminent recognition of high achievement and performance in America’s community colleges. There is also the city’s 35 parks,with festivals held nearly every weekend in the summer.“We have a really vibrant arts community,” says Jack Edwards, Bremerton’s Economic Development Manager. In fact, the city was recently ranked number six in the medi- um-sized city category in the third annual National Center For Arts Research (NCAR) Arts Vibrancy Index Report,which identifies arts-vibrant communities across the U.S. using a set of data-informed indexes. “People used to think that they had to go Seattle for culture, but we have a symphony orchestra, a ballet company, a community theater for live performances, and we also bring in shows from NewYork, Chicago, Las Vegas, and L.A.,”Lent adds. Speaking of Seattle, Bremerton’s relationship with the larger metropolis to its east is likely to change now that there is a new, fast passenger ferry that cuts the trip time between the two cities down to a speedy 28 minutes. Lent sees the possibility of more jobs for Bremerton’s residents.“Expedia is building a campus on the Seattle waterfront and is going to n Imperial Parking (U.S.) LLC Impark delivers parking and transportation solutions across North America. Our mission is to provide an unparalleled con- sumer experience using strong technical systems and superior service.We offer a full suite of parking management services — from operational assessments to remote monitoring, traffic management to valet parking, we have a solution for you. n Sullivan Heating & Cooling PREFERRED VENDORS BREMERTON, WASHINGTON hire 5,000 people when completed,” she says.“So,we’re hoping that our local peoplewill be hired,as well as byother technologycompanies that are located in King County.”Edwards sees the possibility of more folksmoving to Bremerton.“With that fast ferry,it’smaking it more attractive for people to take a lookat Bremerton, becausewhile the Seattle population is growing,so are its rents and housing costs,”he explains.“Wewelcome this op- portunity for more affordable housing on our side.Here,theycan be on a passenger ferryand be backhome in 28minutes,hop on amountain bike or a paddle board in Puget Sound and enjoynature.” With all its many assets and advantag- es, the Bremerton renaissance is in full swing.